Our impact

"BBBS is such a rewarding programme, for Bigs and Littles alike, and I'm so glad that I decided to get involved..."

Large-scale, internal research shows youth mentoring makes a positive difference in a child's life. 

Children with mentors, especially at-risk children have a more positive vision of themselves and their future. 

Research on the impact of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America proved the programme has tangible and significant effects in the lives of young people. The weekly mentoring visits for (on average) a year achieved: 

50% reduction in first-time drug use

33% reduction in first-time alcohol use

50% reduction in school absenteeism

Relationships Improved parental and peer relationships

School Gave the youth confidence in their school work

"...by this time next decade there will be approaching 100,000 children in care (up from 80,000 today) and a flawed system will cost over £15 billion per year (up from £10 billion now)..."

The Independent Review of Childrens' Social Care, Final Report, 2022

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